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    The Patrons and Officers of

    Faith in Leadership

    Warmly invite you to join us

    at a Gala Dinner to mark the 10th Anniversary of its work and the launch of Faith in Leadership International

    Sponsored by

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    Faith in Leadership’s 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner is limited to 120 very special guests, comprising of senior leaders from the mainstream global faiths, many of whom are already FiL alumni; and distinguished friends from the worlds of politics, faith, science, business, the military and the arts.


    Dietary and Religious sensitivity:


    The gala will abide by a strictly vegetarian and alcohol-free ethos. The caterers for the event will be using kosher dairy kitchens, equipment and crockery. This ensures all the preparatory and serving equipment has never touched or been near meat or fish.


    All ingredients will be prepared under the supervision of the Manchester and London Beth Din. Our meal will be free of fish, onion, garlic and fungi and comply fully with vaisnav dietary requirements.


    If you have any other dietary needs, please let us know when completing the RSVP form below and we will make every effort to accommodate them.


    Gala Evening Schedule


    18:30 – 19.00 Drinks (non alcoholic mocktails) reception and speeches


    19.00 – 22.00 Sit down meal, speeches and cultural performances


    Please note that remarks and entertainments from the dias will continue until 22.20.


    Methodist Central Hall


    Our gala will be held at the iconic Methodist Central Hall, adjacent to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.


    Please come through the main front entrance of the building to meet our interns who will already have your name and will be pleased to direct you to the reception and meal.


    Please find further details, including directions, here: https://www.c-h-w.com/