• Faith in Leadership Alumni Programmes

  • Aim

    Faith in Leadership alumni are a diverse global family of over 300 extraordinary lay and clerical faith leaders. FiL is committed to the ongoing development and support of our alumni.


    Our AlumniFIL programme deepens and informs existing FiL experiences and friendships by offering a range of high end initiatives in specific areas of interest. AlumniFiL fulfills our committed to the ongoing development and support of our alumni over the next decades.

  • Programme

    We offer continued training to grow faith leaders' capacity to serve society. These include programmes that address:

    Faith and Trauma

    Faith leaders and personnel continue to serve on the front-lines of need in our society, sometimes in harrowing and painful circumstances. Our Faith and Trauma programme introduces alumni to trauma therapy based on the biology of the nervous system and interoceptive, kinaesthetic, and proprioceptive interventions. Alumni will learn ways to deal with trauma and stress in their own lives and in the lives of others.

    Faith and Environmental Sustainability


    Given that faith communities together make up the biggest element of civil society today, FiL works with major players in the sustainability field to equip alumni to anticipate and respond well to environmental challenges, and learn how to lead strategic and effective interventions.

    Faith and Business

    Faith and Security

  • Up coming FiL Alumni programmes

    Difficult Conversations

    We are delighted to announce our partnership with Dialogix Ltd, brand leaders in the field of ​behavioral change and communication practices.


    To facilitate robust conversations between faith leaders so that they learn it is possible to talk about elephants in the room instead of avoiding the issues. This is a necessary ‘next step’ in deepening the relationships established on previous FiL programmes and preparing alumni to jointly tackle issues of concern.


    Alumni of different faiths who serve on a range of fora (forums) and collaborate on joint initiatives in which they demonstrate maturity, depth, and respect, even when on different sides of highly contentious and problematic issues.