• About Faith in Leadership

  • Our Aims

    Faith in Leadership (FiL) was founded in 2007 to create a diverse family of faith leaders equipped to lead inter and intra-faith initiatives for the benefit of all. FiL recognises the immense impact that faith leaders and faith communities have on society, and recognises that quality leadership driven by faithful values is critical to societal and economic flourishing and benefits all people, regardless of faith and cultural background.


    In recent years political leadership has experienced a crisis of confidence, and communities are exposing failings in their leaders, both religious and secular. Despite this, across the globe faith leaders have authority and influence beyond many of their secular and political counterparts. Recent crises, such as the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa, and the problem of modern slavery are being turned around by the intervention of faith leaders, who, with their ability to meaningfully impact mass behaviour and personal values, are increasingly being recognised as the forces for change that they are by the world’s most powerful decision makers.



    What We Do

    Over the past decade Faith in Leadership has brought together a faculty of leaders, experts, and academics, who are pioneering programmes including:


    • Training public leaders and senior personnel to better understand the motivations and faith-led values of religious communities.
    • Leadership training for senior and emerging faith leaders, equipping them to transform conflict, and to engage in the public sphere and with the media.
    • Leadership development for young people from religious as well as secular backgrounds as a way of developing their abilities to contribute to the public sphere. 
    • Equipping all leaders to negotiate the boundary between public and religious life, to heal trauma and conflict, whether personal, internal (within their organisation or denomination), or external.


    Our programs have positively impacted individuals, communities, and society at large. Whether educating congregants or responding to national crises, our courses have equipped faith leaders across the country to be at the forefront of building a more cohesive, cooperative and compassionate society.

  • “Faith in Leadership enables us to see all the ways that the deep resources of our faith traditions can be put to work for humanizing the world we live in.”

    Prof David Ford OBE

    Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus, University of Cambridge