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    Please join the Faith in Leadership family by becoming our Patron.


    Current and former Patrons of Faith in Leadership are special supporters who have sponsored us with their generosity of funds or time.


    Our Patrons have included the last and current Archbishops of Canterbury, HH Dr Pranav Pandya, Mr Butch Schuman, President Dr Mary McAleese, Sh Dr Musharraf Hussain, Dr Kishnan Manocha, the late Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor and the late Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.


    Patrons are always welcome to Faith in Leadership events, including those we hold at Windsor Castle, and also offer much needed advice on our outreach.


    Krish Raval would love to talk with you on how you could become a Patron. Please contact him via krish@faithinleadership.org.