• Learn to Lead @ DSVV

  • What is L2L?

    Learn to Lead (L2L) delivers leadership programmes for carefully selected university students. It is wholly owned by Faith in Leadership, a British based institution that has partnerships with world class universities including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and now Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (University).


    Our aim is to improve the way society works by encouraging the potential and awareness of a new generation of leaders.


    It offers students structured programmes in leadership, personal management and

    community service by way of training courses and a series of linked, practical public

    service projects that allow participants to practice their skills for the benefit of others.

    How did L2L start?

    L2L came into existence when a young member of Gayatri Pariwar and a number of leading British industrialists understood that it takes more than paper qualifications to be successful in life.


    Together with leaders from different backgrounds, they designed a process that develops the inner potential of students, helping them to meet the challenges and opportunities of a constantly changing and interdependent world. Over the past 25 years, L2L has helped thousands of students to not only do well in their studies and get good jobs but also to be agents of positive change at home, on campus, in the community and workplace.

  • Details:

    L2L draws on a wide variety of sources to give students quality leadership experiences. In the past, our programmes have included training in the following areas:

    Advanced Communication Skills


    Beginning with Goal in Mind

    Chairing & Meeting Skills

    Effective Habits

    Servant Leadership

    Leadership in Profile




    Stress Reduction

    Temperaments & Personalities

    Asking Questions

    Awareness of Potential

    Behavioural Analysis

    Cooperation & Interdependence


    Listening Skills

    Mental Literacy

    Negotiation Skills

    Presentation Skills

    Vision into Action

    Understanding Diversity

    Our forthcoming course at DSVV will encompass some of the above skill sets. The

    programme will identify a cohort of young people with high potential with whom we hope to work over multiple iterations, thereby maximising the range of skills taught. Our intention in doing this is to develop peer mentors and faculty members for future L2L offerings at DSVV in order to prepare a new generation of India’s changemakers.

    Holistic Approach

    Rather than spending 100% of your time reading for your degree, we believe that life at university should at least in part be about engaging in other activities; such as meeting people from other cultures or walks of life, engaging in community service and acquiring knowledge that helps you to make the most out of your potential. L2L is intended to be one such activity in a way that is entirely consistent with DSVV’s non-conventional and holistic ethos.


    In order to make the best out of this high quality offering, it is necessary for you to participate in the whole programme.

  • How will I benefit?

    It is impossible to predict exactly how you will benefit from L2L. However we can say with some certainty that former participants have found the experience enriching and worthwhile. Here are just some of the reasons why:


    • L2L helps you to acquire lifelong skills and strategies for learning and achieving yourgoals.
    • It enables you to consolidate your training with practical experience in a way that benefits others and the community at large.
    • Perhaps, most important of all L2L develops your awareness, potential and responsibilities as a leader.


    Although the value of L2L is beyond any financial measure, we know that similar courses elsewhere are expensive. For instance, our team routinely charges its commercial clients up to £5,000 (over 4 lakhs) a day in consultancy fees alone



  • Apply for Learn to Lead @ DSVV

    Selection as a Learn to Lead Fellow is based on a combination of the following

    • A record of remarkable achievement in a chosen area. We are looking for initiators, doers, researchers, creators, yogis, artists, musicians, actors, scientists, community volunteers, activists, people who have done things to make a difference or shown courage in the face hardship.
    • A demonstrated desire to learn about the skills of leadership and some of the issues facing our communities or world.
    • A demonstrated commitment to public service based on the ethos of DSVV or according to the teachings of Param Pujya Gurudev and Vandaniya Mataji.