• EFLP UK 2018


  • Emerging Faith in Leadership Programme

    The EFLP 2018 will be run in partnership with Aberdeen University. This will also be the venue for the training

    EFLP UK 2018 Dates

    The dates are not currently confirmed but are planned for the Summer of 2018. When the dates are confirmed all applicants will be notified.

    EFLP Programme Contents

    As a participant on FiL you will:

    • Engage in group exercises that allow you to explore the deeper determinants of individual, interpersonal and group behaviour
    • Engage in team-building exercises to learn how you and your team perform under pressure and how you can be more effective in team situations
    • Openly explore behavioural factors that usually operate as invisible and unconscious determinants within groups
    • Step out of your comfort zones in order learn about your own tendencies in leadership and group situations
    • Receive structured study group feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and how you can build on your leadership style
    • Have the opportunity to observe and receive team feedback on your behaviour in groups after it has been recorded on film
    • Reflect in groups about what effective leadership is and its impact on organisations and society
    • Receive 'mini-lectures' by world-class experts on 'leadership', 'group dynamics' and 'coaching'
    • Engage in coaching workshops – as coach and/or client
    • Be offered the chance to start each day with a time of shared silence
    • Lead by example in situations involving young people as a way of practically applying your leadership, group-work and coaching skills
    • Listen to the ideas, personal stories and experiences of change-agents, thinkers and campaigners from different faith communities and beyond
    • Formally and informally engage with national and international policy-makers, decision-makers and leaders from a range of secular and faith based backgrounds on issues of faith, community cohesion and beyond
    • Formally and informally interact with people whose faiths, opinions, experiences and backgrounds are different from your own
    • Have the opportunity to chair meetings during the programme and represent FiL at speaking events, formal meals and meetings

    Apply to EFLP 2017

    Given the degree of investment in terms of time and energy involved, we need to ensure that the right people attend FiL programmes. Accordingly, there are three phases to FiL's application process:

    Phase 1

    Complete the online application form. The deadline for the 2017 programme is.


    Phase 2  

    If your phase 1 application meets our criteria you will be notified and asked to attend an interview plus an informal discussion event in London.


    Phase 3

    Often run proceeding Phase 2 interviews, applicants take pat in an observed group task. Applicants will be notified of the nature of the group assessment prior to your arrival.


    Maintaining diversity inevitably means that some very able applicants will not be accepted. FIL endeavours to ensure that applicants who are not offered a place on FiL’s 2018 programme understand that their non-acceptance is neither a personal rejection nor a reflection on the calibre of the candidate.

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