• The Senior Faith in Leadership Programme takes place over three 3-day residential modules, spanning the course of a year, totalling 9 days. The programme structure has been devised as a way of maximally realising the programme objectives within the time constraints of our participants' busy schedules.

  • St George's House

    The SFLP takes place at St George's House, within the stunning precinct of Windsor Castle. St George's House offers a physical and intellectual space where a range of high level consultations on ethical and religious subjects take place under the overall patronage of the Duke of Edinburgh. It has a particular interest in addressing inter-faith issues and its present Warden, the Rev'd Dr Hueston Finlay, a former Chaplain to Magdalene College, Cambridge and a lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity is keen that the SFLP avails of the excellent and uniquely appropriate facilities of the House.

    Programme Structure

    Typically, participants will arrive at the host location in the afternoon of the first day of a Module and leave before supper on day three.


    Participants will be given reading and assignments in between each of the three following Modules:

    Module 1: Leadership Resources in the Three Traditions

    Mon 9th - Wed 11th December 2024

    This Module will focus on joint study of sacred texts as a means of the participants getting to know one another, understanding their scriptures and faiths in a deeper way, and growing in appreciation of the differences, as well as similarities, of the traditions. Module 1 will be based around the practice of scriptural reasoning and mini-lectures. It will include many opportunities for participants to discuss, debate and reflect together outside the formal programme of study.

    Module 2: Leadership from the Inside-Out

    Mon 24th - Wed 26th February 2025

    This Module will be highly experiential, exploring participants' behaviours in groups, their approaches to leadership and conflict, and the concept of coaching as a way of dealing with problems.


    The SFLP will use a method that is a combination of experience, study, application and reflection. Experience will come through participation with others around a series of tasks. Study will be ongoing throughout the Module. In all sessions, as theory and practice are integrated, perspective will be gained. What is learned will then be applied to participants' organisations, faith communities, areas of interest, and of course, themselves.

    Module 3: Leadership, Communication and the Media
    Mon 12th - Wed 14th June 2025

    In the final part of the programme, participants will practically develop their presentation, and communication styles within interviews with the press and in the media.


    Module 3 will also offer participants the opportunity to reflect jointly on their journey together and determine ways in which their experiences on the programme may lead to future collaborative ventures among alumni.

  • Apply for SFLP 2025

    Applications to join the SFLP 2025 programme are now open. Please fill in the form using the link below if you wish to be considered for the programme.


    You should allow about 30 minutes to complete the application

  • Sample Application Form

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