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    Bringing a quality of leadership driven by faithful values for the greater good.

  • Since 2007 Faith in Leadership has been bringing together diverse groups of faith leaders, enabling them to learn leadership skills together, to break bread, talk and share silence together, to disagree productively, and to work together for the benefit of our society.

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  • "I believe Faith in Leadership helps us to redefine and deepen what we mean by leadership itself."

    Lord Rowan Williams

    Archbishop of Canterbury, 2002 - 2012

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    'Hearing the Music of the Age'

    - Tributes to R. Lord Jonathan Sacks zt'l

    Tue 1 Dec 2020 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM GMT - Online, Zoom

    Please join us for an evening of tributes to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt'l, hosted by 2020 Torah and Faith in Leadership. Speakers will include:

    • Dr Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg
    • Tanya White
    • Dr Miriam Feldmann Kaye 
    • Dr Elliott Malamet
    • Krish Raval OBE
    • Sarah Robinson
    • Jacqueline Nicholls
    • Michael Bradfield
    • Dr Tamra Wright
  • Message on the passing of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

    1948 - 2020

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    “I am deeply saddened by the passing of Lord Sacks. He was a giant in the faith field and a respected authority on leadership.


    His support as a founding Patron of Faith in Leadership (FiL) enabled our organisation to enrol two Archbishops of Canterbury, a Cardinal-Archbishop of Westminster and, in turn, beloved and well-known Hindu, Muslim, Bahai and Sikh leaders to pull together in developing and nurturing faith leadership across our different traditions. The trusting and active friendships formed among the British faith communities form part of his legacy.


    Lord Sacks was one of the world’s leading voices of intelligent faith in the public square. Britain and the world have lost one of our most original, encouraging, and legendary figures.


    On behalf of the Patrons, faculty and alumni of FiL, I offer our condolences to Lord Sacks’ family, his many friends and to the Jewish community as a whole.”


    Krish Raval OBE, Founder, Faith in Leadership, on the passing of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks



    I only met with Lord Sacks a few times, but he made a profound impression on me and deeply influenced the way I think about faith, morality and leadership. I would like to share my reflections on these encounters and the way that they inspired me and shaped Faith in Leadership.


    1. My first impression of Lord Sacks was gained by observing him through a window pane as he addressed the Cambridge Union Society when I was a student.  Even though I couldn’t hear what he was saying, I was struck at how energetic he was and the friendly yet emphatic way with which he gesticulated. Even from afar he was compelling and I could immediately understand why young people would want to be around him.   When I had a meeting with him years later, he was too modest to wish to hear my account of this moment.  Rather, he wanted to hear of my ideas. Others have said that he lived by the teaching of Ben Zoma “Who is wise? He who learns from everyone.” He generously introduced me to his many interfaith contacts.
    2. Lord Sacks became a Patron of FiL in 2006 when a dear friend took me for coffee with him. I was young, naïve, of another tradition and not at all a professional in the faith sector. I presented the Chief Rabbi with the idea for a new organisation to be called ‘Faith in Leadership’. The idea was unproven, untested and more of a dream than anything else. Yet in spite of my faltering presentation to him, he immediately agreed to become the first Patron of Faith in Leadership. Two Archbishops of Canterbury, a Cardinal-Archbishop of Westminster, a former head of state, and beloved and well-known Hindu, Muslim, Bahai and Sikh leaders followed suit. They might not have done, if Chief Rabbi Sacks had not led the way by consenting to being a Patron at that first meeting. 
    3. During the same encounter he told me something that showed me something of his statesmanship. He explained that antisemitism was rife among university campuses in the United Kingdom. However, in his dealings with leaders of student Jewish societies he told them to also focus on countering Islamophobia. This advice, and the need for faith communities to collaborate and support each other, has stayed with me.
    4. Most recently, in March of this year Lord Sacks commented approvingly on the newly developed collaboration between the London School of Jewish Studies (of which he was Honorary President) and FiL (of which he remained Patron). I will always be proud that Lord Sacks recognised the suitability of FiL to provide leadership training as part of the London School of Jewish Studies’ new Teach to Lead programme.